Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

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Mine's a Pint

I've also done London gigs for the Comedy Café, the Canal Café Theatre, and various Laughing Horses, among others, from Camden to Crouch End, Richmond to Rotherhithe, and Stanmore to Soho.

Around the country I've made people laugh at Bristol's Jesters, Bunch of Grapes and Hatchet, Mirth Control in Bath, Exeter, etc, Funhouse Comedy Derby and Leicester, at Kill For a Seat in Oxford and Leeds, Cheeky Monkey in Birmingham, and Leicester Comedy Festival, Colchester, including Wivenhoe Funny Farm, Windsor, Oi Oi Comedy Eastbourne, Cheltenham, Southampton, Brighton, Cirencester, Swansea, Woking, Horsham, Ipswich, Newbury, Slough, Gloucester, Purple Cactus in Lowestoft, Knuts Club Peterborough, Cardiff's Yellow Kangaroo, The Wharf, and Poncho Comedy and my home town, Reading, at the Afrobar, The Comedy Company's gig at 21 South Street, and running my own charity gig at McDevitts at South Street. And of course, at the Edinburgh Festival.

Mine's another Pint