Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

I am a stand up comedian. I've done gigs all around the country. This comes to well over 200 gigs, which includes opening shows with a 20 minute set, middle spots in larger gigs, and regular MC work. I enjoy longer spots, to develop my ideas a little more, but shorter ones also provide a great opportunity to try out new material - and as a writer, there's alway new material I'm keen to try.

Take the Mic

I do observational comedy on subjects such as my own and my family's OCDs, multi-tasking, diets, my childhood, and being a zeigarnik - you'll have to come to a show to find out that one! I try to include some topical gags, alongside the more honed material.

  • The Gig List: where to come and hear me being funny!
  • Audio and Video clips of me performing.
  • And of course, please do e-mail or call me if you'd like to offer me a gig.
  • For promoters, here's a list of recent past gigs: full details on the last few months, plus basics on earlier gigs.
  • There's also a picture gallery for publicity purposes.
  • For more information on comedy in general, including listings which include me, Chortle is an invaluable stand up comedy reference source.

Here's a recent review, from regular BBC comedy writer Alan Stafford: "...doing a great job establishing herself as a stand-up.

"I saw her last night in my home town of Ipswich - doing some strong, quirky and utterly original material - confidently delivered and nicely timed. She also had excellent rapport with the audience."