Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Sketches - again, I write for TV, radio, stage or the internet just as happily.

For stage, two favourite shows are the London based News Revue at the Canal Café Theatre and Brighton Komedia's The Treason Show.

The reason these are such good fun to write for is they're topical. Each day's papers are full of ideas - there's always some minor celeb doing something utterly stupid that needs mocking. And of course our esteemed government, and glorious royal family provide occasional inspiration too.

For radio, I submit to anything I can. This includes Radio 4 shows like Bearded Ladies, and Radio 2 shows like Parsons and Naylor's Pull-Out Sections.

TV doesn't offer a lot of opportunities for newer writers to crack the market, however, whenever there's a chance, I send in sketches. If you're looking for a writer, or just know of a show that takes submissions, please do let me know.

So, what else can I tell you? How about actually showing you my work?

  • Try this sample sketch (pdf), aimed at BBC Radio 2's Parsons and Naylor's Pull-Out Sections.
  • And here's a topical quickie (pdf) about Blair and Brown's relationship.

On the Comedy CV there is also several years of work for FMJock, a syndicate selling humorous material to breakfast show DJs around the country, and even the world.