Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

I love writing scripts, whether for TV, radio, stage or the internet. It's so much fun to create a new world and hear what all the characters sound like in your head. And then when someone else is actually performing that character, your creation changes a little - but usually for the best.

Examples of recent / ongoing work include:

  • Ruffled Feathers - a sitcom for radio. Set in a badminton club, this is all about rivalry and putting people under pressure - whether that's for team places, or to be club chairman.
  • Keeping Up With the Jones - for TV. A young married couple live in a world where everyone else is having a great time being single. What can they do about it? Matchmake, obviously.
  • Meeting - this started as a radio monologue, which I then adapted for the stage. After feedback, my melodramatic deep piece on the nature of addiction looks likely to resurface... as a sitcom. Sounds odd, but it's going to be fun!
If you prefer scripts short and sweet, why not look at my sketches and song spoofs.