Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Creative Writing Workshops are all about students developing their individual voice, and by trying different things out, discovering what styles of writing suit them.

Students vary from absolute beginners to those with some experience, and those who already know what they want to write are encouraged to make progress with their projects - or occasionally, to try new styles for variety.

There's no formal syllabus or course outline for these courses, as they vary depending on who is attending, and what their personal aims and goals are. I try to adapt the term plans to take on board what topics those attending are keen to cover. While it's hard to start a term without much of a plan, it's actually very exciting, as one group might discover a talent for writing poetry forms, while another may be inspired more by writing factual pieces, or short stories.

Sometime during the series of workshops, I like to look at the techniques covered and discuss how writers can use them by themselves any time they're writing. I also think it helps to look at books on writing, and other writing groups, so students don't come to the end of a term without options as to how to carry on.

While workshops are usually a series of lessons - from 5 to 10 - I am also happy to do one off workshops. In these, I try to focus more on techniques for inspiring further writing, so students learn methods they can use time and time again whenever they want to sit down and write something.