Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

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So, how does this class work?

  • Well, a lot of it is about giving students a deadline to get something written, and a reason to meet that deadline - ie: feedback from each other and from me, the course tutor.
  • We also look at the structure, by analysing current sitcoms and favourites. This is a great way to discover how sitcom works. Important aspects include strong characters and conflict.
  • Students create their own sitcom world, and develop it through the term. Decisions include how crazy the world is, whether the sitcom is for TV or radio, and whether it is old fashioned sitcom, or a newer style, or even comedy-drama or film.
  • It's important to create characters with comic potential, and put them into situations that escalate their stress, and enhance the comedy, so a lot of time is spent creating characters who will successfully annoy one another!
  • Throughout the course, we look at the importance of editing, and also make sure the layout is professional and clear. Finally, we turn to where to submit your script, so the first draft that students should have by the end of term can face a few serious edits and polishes, and then get sent out.

Students who want to be funny, but aren't sure about writing a whole script might find the Introduction To Comedy Writing suits them better.