Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Red Jeans

I know why WonderWoman wears bold colours,
why pre-camouflage armies marched in crimson
why a bull-fighter twirls his glowing cape
and blushing roses dare to show deep emotions.

I realise how easily fans can support 'the scarlets'
the relief you’d feel accepting Rouge Cross care
why the ladybird dances unafraid of predators
that extra pep only flame hot chilli peppers give.

I see why Ruby Riding Hood strode on unwary
how planet Mars always lends such drama,
the ease of uniting people behind a firey flag
why Rosy Arrows fly faster than blue ones.

I understand the desire to stroll a coral carpet
the poker smile to throw in a salmony herring
how rusty-brick Universities ooze academia
why cardinal dragons are scarier than green.

I grasp the urge to eat nothing but strawberries
and glace cherries, tomatoes, the lure of Edam
the joy of ruddy-penned ticks on your hard work
how long you can long for a poppy letter day.

I love feeling that I am warm-blooded human,
the russet shades of my high-colour cheeks
vermilion geraniums heads held firmly aloft
peony, garnet, and lobster.
                                       I am red hot.

Gill Smith - June 2003
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