Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

I write a wide range of poetry, both for fun and on commission. Topics range from comedy and satire through to serious pieces and structured forms.

Books and Pen I've had poems published in various poetry magazines and anthologies, including one on pets, even though mine is electronic, and another on the River Thames, although I live near the Loddon.

I've also enjoyed taking part in Poetry Slam competitions - competitive, tournament based poetry performance competitions - it has to be seen to be believed. Many of these were run by Slam Productions. In the past, I've won a place in their Reading Grand Slam - a final of several slams in the preceeding months, and have also taken part in, and been placed in slams run by Richmond's Poet's Kitchen.

I also hope to start performing regularly again at the recently revived Poets Café in Reading.

Do read some of my poems.

Recent successes include:

  • I was a regional finalist in Help the Aged's "Healthy Eating" competition. I won... a tin of Quality Street!

  • Winner of the Sony AIBO competition to praise your pet. Sonnet For Angus won me one of the best cheques for poetry I've seen!

  • Second placed in Slough Writers Group's humorous verse competition, for my Improper Sonnet.

  • I was Highly Commended in the Scottish International Poetry competition.

  • I have been published several time in Poetry Now, and also in the regular anthologies produced by their publisher, Forward Press.

  • I've had haiku published in the Guardian's weekly topical competition, and once won.

My first prize Guardian topical haiku:
  Humble potato
  Prevents cervical cancer.
  No, Not like that, dear.