Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Like many writers, I love helping other people to write, whether that's specialised, such as comedy or article writing, or general workshops to encourage writers and help them improve.

  • Reading Uni Creating Comedy, as an introductory comedy course, has run three times now at Reading University, and will run again on Mondays from October 9th 2006. This course is run by the School of Continuing Education, who run a lot of writing courses, and will be happy to send you a prospectus if you e-mail them, or call on 0118 931 8347.
  • This can lead nicely on to Sitcom from Scratch a term later. This is more focused, for those specifically keen on longer comedy scripts, but is also open to former sitcom students to workshop new projects. It starts Monday 15th January 2007.
  • From there, it's Comedy: Simple Sketches, for the writer keen to break in, with different potential markets throughout the summer term from Monday 30th April 2007.
  • Article Writing is also at Reading University, on Wednesday mornings in summer term.
  • Starting Out in Stand-Up is a new day school at Reading Universtiy: exactly what the title says - giving newcomers a chance to learn about and give stand up a go.
  • I also teach weekly Creative Writing Workshops for the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) in Gerrards Cross (Friday mornings), fortnightly sessions at Slough Library (Saturday mornings), and a weekly class in Windsor from Wednesday 10th January 2007. These aim to help students of any level find their voice and learn about different styles of writing, and to give and take constructive criticism.
  • New for this year is WEA Maidenhead's Poetry Workshop, covering different forms and styles from haiku to sonnets and plenty more beyond.
  • I have also led workshops in schools on different aspects of writing, and for various Writers' Groups.

I'm looking for more teaching opportunities, from one-off classes to intensive weekends, to weekly sessions, so do e-mail me to discuss booking me for a workshop, class or talk for your Writers' Group. I can also offer groups feedback and competition judging, or for individuals, feedback or one to one tuition if that suits you better. Do get in contact.