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Reading Uni Gill Smith's Article Writing Course

The key way to get articles published is to persuade the editor that:

  1. Your article fits with their publication.
  2. Your article will be well written.
  3. Your article will be sent in on time.
  4. Your article will involve the absolute minimum of their editing time!

We start by working on the first point, analysing magazines and newspapers to work out the target readership of each publication.

Next, we try writing some suitable articles, and students benefit from feedback from each other and from me, the course tutor.

Using the lessons as good practise at meeting deadlines helps towards the third point. The fourth is covered by looking at how to write query letters, send professional invoices, and hints and tips to deal well with editors.

This hard work should all stop editors rolling their eyes when they answer your call, and instead mean they look forward to hearing from you - knowing it'll be to offer great work that saves them time.