Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Gill's Journals

Quarterly magazine of The ARM Club the Leading Independent
RISC OS Computer User Club.

Gill's Journal is a series written for the computer user group "The ARM Club" ( It takes a humorous sideways look at life for amateur computer enthusiasts, gleefully attacking the entire readership. They seem to like it.

All issues are reproduced here (in reverse order) in case you accidentally missed an issue or two and ended up feeling left out. The latter ones include cartoons by resident cartoonist Howard Read ( His animation site is well worth a look.

And for those of you who missed it, here's the caricature, as appeared in Eureka 29. Thanks to Peter Jennings for allowing me to use it, and to Beth Rogers for her flattering pen strokes!

Any bright ideas for the next issue can be e-mailed to me. I can't promise to use them all, but I will try to.

Also do mail me with your sightings of the word 'Spod' - I like to know just how much Spods have taken the world by storm!