Gill Smith
Gill Smith - Comedy Writer & Performer

Gill Smith - Comedy Writer - CV

Phone: 0118 931 3778 Mobile: 07970 759744
Fax: 07970 621220 email: gill (at) gillsmith co uk

Recent Writing Experience

Stand Up
I perform stand up comedy around the country on a regular basis. Recent gigs have included Exeter, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, and numerous gigs around different parts of London.
News Revue
I have had song spoofs, sketches and voice-over gags used by the well-known topical comedy show News Revue. (
The Treason Show
This Brighton based topical comedy show has featured my songs, voice-over gags and sketches. (
BBC Radio Entertainment
I have been invited to submit sketches to a Radio 2 show, and I send in to that and numerous other Radio 2 and Radio 4 shows on an ongoing basis.
Fringe Report
I write reviews of theatre and comedy, along with fashion and recipes. Included covering Edinburgh Fringe 2006. (
Reading Evening Post
A weekly badminton page, regular coverage of local sport, and various other articles as and when needed. (
British Society of Comedy Writers
Edited, and wrote for the e-mail magazine of the BSCW for over three years. Articles included anything from in depth interviews to book reviews, to advice articles. These covered as many aspects of writing comedy as possible. (
FM Jock
Writing gags, sketches, comedy songs, and other bits of humour for FM Jock, who syndicate information and comedy to breakfast show DJs around the country, and the world, on a daily basis. (
Limited Edition
Bi-monthly articles on the internet, and how it can be used for every day tasks, from shopping to finding public transport.(
I have won various prizes for poetry including some for 'slam' competitions. For more information, see my poetry classes section.

Samples of any written work is available on request. I can also provide text for my stand up comedy. Audio and video samples available at my clips page.